School Relations

In order to discover future talent

And remain in touch with the world of students and universities, GDF SUEZ builds numerous partnerships with institutions such as:

An alliance of 27 major international management schools and multinational companies. It contributes towards developing a European Standard in training and knowledge in the area of management.


A management and exchange training program for young economists, lawyers and engineers from Central and Eastern European countries(presentation of the program available on the website of the Collège Des Ingénieurs - CDI).

Which develops ties between University Students and companies, oganises meetings, forums and conferences in which GDF SUEZ participates actively.

The College of Engineers


GDF SUEZ gives assignements to young engineering graduates who are employees of the College and have the highest level of academic training towards obtaining an MBA at the end of the year.

Which publishes studies, cases and guidelines for engineering training for students, schools and companies.

Which brings together some fifty engineering training systems in an exchange program that enables students to train overseas and obtain a dual degree.

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