Generation Horizons

Generation Horizons
is us. It's you!

Generation Horizons is all the people who believe that energy and the environment are a source of progress and want to take action in their daily lives to meet the challenges of tomorrow. It's everyone who is part of
GDF SUEZ or who wants to come work here.

Generation Horizons shares:

The drive to assure the performance of a major energy and environment group that has to face crucial issues,

The commitment to reconcile development with respect for the planet,

The daring to live in the present with optimism while building the future with creativity,

The cohesion within an international Group, rich in diversity of businesses, cultures and opportunities.

Belonging to Generation Horizons means:

Discovering new personal and profesional horizons,

A motivating work environment,

Exciting challenges,

Diverse perspectives

Inventing new, more respectful models of living every day.


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